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termites in my tomatoes

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So I woke up this morning and all the potted plants were swarming with termites! I assume they swarmed and were attracted to the bark in the potting soil.
What do I do about them? Will they affect the plants? Like eat the roots or something?

As an aside dont worry about the house its concrete. Any respectable building is over here(but the termites to manage to chew thru cinderblock!

Bob thanks in advance for the advise. I am from Idaho or at least I was 20 years ago.
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Used to work for a termite co, they usually swarm this time of year, don't think you have anything to worry about. But, if you want to be sure you could call the SPCB or your local termite co.
In Guam you could have Formosan termites but I am not sure about subterranean termites. Th swarmers most likely just happened to congregate on the plants due to moisture in the soil. Nothing to worry about with regards to the tomatoes.

However, if they are Formosan, they can live above ground as long as sufficient moisture is present. Cinder block foundations have no bearing on this variety of bug. Wouldn't hurt to have a good bug guy come out and look.
You should be ok, maybe get a sacrificial log (driftwood?) to put in your yard.
I went to **** Depot and got a botttle of "100 bug killer" when I came back there was no sign of the bastages. I sprayed around anyway but since you guys told me they are not subteranian then I'll consider them a one morning pest. Had me worried as they were all over the pots and soil. like pissed of ants.
Thanks to both of you.
Cheers Jim
How do you know there were a hundred of them?
The answer was deduced by the number of beer bottles and cigarette butts left behind.
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