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Tenon Cutter Uses

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I just bought a 4 x 1 1/2" 60 Degree Lumberjack tenon cutter. I am planning on using it on 2x4's shaving them down so that I would be able drill an 1 1/2" hole into 4x4's to insert them into. Has anyone ever done this and have any suggestions on how to proceed? Should I use my drill press or a hand held drill? Any suggestions would help alot. Thanks.
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Nice introduction..........Welcome to CT.

Thanks, I'm always doing new things and need a place to bounce ideas around on. Plus, i have a little time to sit at the computer since i ripped my thumbnail off the other day with my drill press...
I have never used one - but I always see them being used with drills & seeing your luck with the drill press...

Make sure you secure the wood securely first
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