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I have an addition where I need to relocate a window next to an exterior door. Problem is the window is not tempered. I contacted my window supplier and to reglaze the sash to tempered glass would be $650.00. Still cheaper than than buying a new window so I agreed and priced $1,000.00 into the bid. All is good.

Fast forward to today and I realize that I have spaced out the window reglazing and now I don't have time to do it. What a goof ball right? Now what!

As I was driving around I remembered reading about a security film for windows and doors sort of like window tint that is blast proof. They use it on FBI buildings and military and commercial applications.

I find a window tint company that carries this magic material. They can apply it in one day,this solves my timing problem, and the best part is they will only charge $130.00 for both sashes! Making me $870.00! The window now will pass inspection because the glass will be contained if it is ever broken. Yay!

I know these films are commonly used but I really never needed them and forgot they even existed so I posted this in case others could use the information. They really saved me on this project. Man chemist are smart!

Here is some information. 3M makes some also.

Moral: It pays to meander around the internet reading various articles and sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.
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