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Alright fellas, I got another question for ya. The last one I asked was about wiring the barn........but please don't stop reading this one bc of that, lol.

I wasn't able to get the wiring done and power hooked up to the barn yet......but I am getting married Sept 12th and the barn is the "center piece" of the outdoor reception. I am renting a whisper quiet generator for the will only be used for a few lights(mostly rope lights and Christmas type lights), fans, and one PA system for a guy and his guitar.

My question is this: Since I will set the generator about 50' behind the barn out of direct site, what should I use to get the power up to the barn and distribute it out? Would a number 10 ext cord be sufficient if I use that and then put a 6 way or something on the end and then use only 25' or shorter cords off of that......or should I use more than one number 10 straight from the generator? OR should I just find a local electrician and have him set up something for me using regular wire to make temp power points?

Thanks guys!!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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