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Tearing out engineered hardwood

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I tearing out ~900 sq ft of engineered hardwood. The flooring is nailer down. Normally we just use a pry bar and go at it but there seems to always be a new tool coming out. It is hard to keep up with. Does anyone know of any "newer" tools that could make the tear out more efficient? Thanks!
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I dont think Ive torn out any engineered but i use a roofing shovel for tearing out all sorts of flooring. I keep several in the trailer.
A roofing shovel uses leverage and I like working standing up. It won't work for nailed down solid wood. It's worth a try.
You can't drive a nail with a flyswatter.
not if you use a track saw :thumbsup:
I dont have the balls yet to run my TS55 through a bunch of nails.
I have a spare 55 blade that do I always have a sharp one on the saw. I only use the TS when I need an accurate cut. For demo out comes the Makita circ saw with throwaway demo blades.
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