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Tear downs? New construction pricing

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I would be very appreciative if any of you guys could help me fill in the blanks. Owned a lot of RE, flipped many homes, done condo conversions etc. would like to get into tear downs. Missing some numbers. Specifically, excavating, foundation, framing, roofing. I live in Massachusetts, and would like to build cookie cutter 2200-2400 sq ft house, vinyl windows and siding 2 car garage Colonial.

Already know soft costs, plan on doing finish myself, kitchen,trim,doors etc. Know some electricians and plumbers.

Thanks in advance, Mike
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Not many builders from mass here. All the smart ones moved someplace warm.
I just have to ask...why go online to seek demolition numbers? We pay like $21 a ton + roll-off and it takes many to demo a house....but..i would bet you don't get it for a fraction of that call the demo guys in your area and get a general quote.
Why go online and ask? I am trying to firm up numbers before I make an investment. I don't have a property yet and I don't want to waste anyone's time before I'm ready to move.

Not really looking for demo numbers, I want to know how much to frame a 2000-2400 sq ft house.

JBM kids are still to young, but maybe some day I'll be one of the smart ones too.

Thanks for the responses, Mike
Thank you for posting on Straight pricing questions are frowned upon here, as are 'Going Rate' questions. If you are a contractor seeking advice regarding your pricing structure, the Moderators of this forum would like to direct you to this thread: "Pricing, Estimating and Success". is designed for professional contractors to discuss issues and topics related to the construction and remodeling industries.

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Are you joking? Every third or fourth post in this subcategory deals with pricing. As far as being for professionals, I have had a commercial supervisor's license for 20 years and been in the trades for 30. Is it the verbiage I choose?
He didn't say you weren't a professional. He said its for professionals to talk about work stuff. Not prices. I'm in Oklahoma. There is no way I can know what people charge to frame stuff where you.
Missing some numbers. Specifically, excavating, foundation, framing, roofing.
Nobody can answer these. If you want a clue, look at spec home pricing in your area.

Keep in mind lumber, drywall, and sheathing prices are jumping big time.
And how can we still add to the conversation after the thread has been closed?
And how can we still add to the conversation after the thread has been closed?
I don't know honestly. I swear I closed it.

Sorry OP, we don't allow discussions of pricing because of the infinite variables really do not contribute to what you need to figure out for your own business to stay in business.
Just to clarify that there is a difference between asking "how much...?" and "how do I figure my costs"

In no way do we assume you are not professional. We have had this discussion thousands of times on the forum with the same exact result. What one company charges is different than someone else's company...especially in different states or regions. It is a much wiser business man to understand the complexities on how to obtain that number, not just simply asking "how much do you guys charge" or "how much does your framer charge" because it simply varies so much that it is impossible for us to respond in any accurate manner.
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