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Tarkett Fiberfloor

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New to site.
We are experiencing problems with Tarkett Fiberfloor, and would like to know if anyone else has experienced problems with this.
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What type of problems? I have never seen floorcovering that didn't give someone problems.
This product is wrinkling and bubbling.
We have repaired the floors several times now.
Slab or wood subfloor? Full spread or loose-lay?
When I install it, I explain to the consumer that it is temporary flooring. So is laminate in my opinion. They can be used to clean up a property for sale, but shouldn't be expected to last for years.
I install tons of it. Always full spread it now with the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Have not had any issues at all
DIY DIY....floormen don't fiberfloor!!!!
They do if the store they sub for sells it
Can you really see it lasting for 30 years like the old vinyls and linoleum? I can't.
We installed on a wood subfloor and of course installed according to the manufacturer recommendation at that time.

We have had several locations where this is an issue.
It's not a modular home by chance is it? If you left proper expansion around the walls this usually isn't an issue at all. I've seen it happen in modulars though where expansion and contraction issues are greater than usual. It usually needs loose laid in this situation.

Nothing wrong with Fiberfloor at all IMO. I don't see anything lasting like the old products did. There isn't any asbestos in it anymore to give you the longevity.
Not a modular. Stick built new construction.
Not a modular. Stick built new construction.
Hmm. I have yet to see a new construction job properly acclimated, with HVAC up and running prior to installation. This product is highly sensitive to acclimation.

What do I win.
You win another question;)
Have you experienced any problems with this product?
I've only seen 2 problems. (1) Cut in too tight. (2) Wrong adhesive used.
You win another question;)
Have you experienced any problems with this product?
Yep, the biggest being improper installation. The wrinkling you are experiencing is because it is tight somewhere, something heavy was dragged across it, wrong adhesive, moldings nailed through the floor instead of base, or it was not acclimated prior to installation (which can cause the tightness). It is pretty simple to troubleshoot really.

Was it acclimated?

Was HVAC up and running 48hrs prior to install and continued afterward?
Don't know what Tarkett says about Fibrefloor, but IVC back products do not expand or contract according to them. They want the 1/8 inch gap because walls expand and contract, which they do.
Freind of mine installed Tarkett in his kitchen of his brand new home he built last year, did'nt last 8 months and it started to buckle and pop at the seams. Luckily after months of back and forth with the manufacturer, sales reps, warranty reps coming over they paid to replace the whole thing material and labor.

That same year i was doing a garage conversion into a living room and full bathroom...basically just walled off the 2 stall into a 1 stall. I made sure to follow manufacture instructions to the T since it was going on slab. Installed the VB on the floor, taped it up, and samething...bout 8 months later the floor was buckling and bubbling just as my buddies house did and sounds like what's being sescribed here.

Unbeknownst at the time, we had a few boxes left over, homie said i could have it. My office area in the basement needed a floor covering so i figured, here's a head start. Again, followed the same install instructions per directions for my office area and the hallway path i have over to the bathroom and weight room....less than a year went by and i started noticing the joints popping up. There aer a handful of places that are buckled and i honestly could give two craps about mine since i'll redo it later when we do our kitchen addition and continue our Dupont Real touch flooring from the LR into the kitchen for a smooth flow, i'll buy extra. (this stuff is the best laminate flooring durability wise i've ever seen and also the hardest and worst to install..3-12" blades with sparks flying off of them when cutting it) but our Dupont real touch looks as good and shiney now 3yrs later as the day we installed it. Not too often i take my boots off so i wanted something that could hold up to sand/dirt/mud (stuff the wife hates) plus 3 Rottweiler paws and claws...this stuff is almost buller proof IMO...just sucks to install it's soo tight to lock the joints.:censored: Took me 2 days to run my 15x17 LR and 4x20 hallway due to frustration and effort needed to put it together...but it was well worth it, i just know IF i do this for a customer...i'll make it cheaper for them to install REAL oak hardwood, so i dont have to mess with it :laughing:
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Don't know what Tarkett says about Fibrefloor, but IVC back products do not expand or contract according to them. They want the 1/8 inch gap because walls expand and contract, which they do.
According to them. Why the acclimation requirement then :whistling
I have an installation booklet here from IVC. It says nothing about acclimation. Not that I would install without acclimating. Doesn't even mention temp range either. Called them once for a tech question. Secretary told me that they don't have a tech department.
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