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Hold off on that paper tiger! If the paper is vinyl or mylar coated you want to strip the outside layer off. If the paper is a true vinyl break out the paper tiger.
It sounds as if you have regular paper or else the stains would wash off.
I use a 1 Qt. spray bottle and warm water. I've used Dif and all it seemed to do was cost me more money.
Try to find a seam or lifting corner, set the bottle to 'spray' and wet down about a 2X2 area. keep it damp for about 10 mins and try lifting the edge. If it begins to peel you are on the road. If not, give it more time and keep it damp. If it's not peeling in 20 min. stop. You are up against a different glue and will have to go to plan 'B'.
95% of the time the paper will start lifting. Now just figure out how much you can handle at a time. I can handle a 8X8 ft. section while presoaking one the same size ahead of me.
Once the paper is down comes the fun part, washing all of the glue off of the walls. You will need a big sponge, a bucket and lots of water. If you are working on drywall be careful not to 'pill' the surface.
Allow the wall to dry at least 24 hrs. Fill and holes or divots, sand and prime with a shellac or alcohol based primer.
You are now ready for whatever comes next, paint or paper.
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