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SW's Indust.Primer & Finish

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Guys,for the last 3-5yrs I have always use SW's Indust.paint for restoring WWing machines for myself and not for resale.Some of the machines runs form the mid 40's to the late 60's.SW's is right down the rd so its convenient.BM is also down the rd but I'm just use to the SW's brand.Anyway w/technology changing,does SW's have something that is better than what I'm using with out going the epoxy paint route.What I use to spray is the Devilbiss 670I w/dekups.Here is a pix of what is next on my todo list,notice the peeling paint,but it is from 1946.Thanks for advice CJ


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depends on how much rust you remove, if you can remove a chunk of it, I'd recommend SW Procryl primer and DTM.
Depends on how long and durable you want the finish to last. DTM is a decent product but will not hold up. If you prep it well , mask it off and shoot a 2 part expoxy that would be good.

Ben Moore and SW both have waterbase epoxy that holds up well, we use both in Ocean Spray Cranberrie plants on all types of steel etc....

I also liked the old industrial enamel great product for the money but those days are long gone.....
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blast that thing and it would look brand new...

Id use an ulta fine shot... and then a once over with baking soda as a light surface polish (not over done)

You might want to look into Rustolastic from MAB... I use that line for my metal projects and have yet to have a single one fail on me..

Good luck - lets see it when you're done :thumbsup:
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Try the procryl primer with shercryl topcoat. If you like the Industrial enamel alkyd, tell the SW to the IE urethane. Its way better.
The Procryl primer and Shercryl topcoat method works pretty well. We use it on the exterior metal awnings for some of the new Walgreens we do up here in Maine (rugged conditions). Rust is a tough thing though, you gotta really clean it up. As mentioned, an epoxy product would also work well. Sherwin Williams has recently come up with some pretty good Pro Industrial products. I'd ask your local SW store manager or paint rep what they got. Good Luck.
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