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SW aklyd oil exterior gloss application below 50 deg

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Hello all.

Wondering if anyone out there has experience with SW ext oil gloss applications below 50 degrees. yes in the ideal world it woujldnt be reccomended but this is how the cards fell.
HO had whole exterior painted in 06. now in 09 most of it is peeling and flaking. i got out there late in the season, managed to strip down to bare wood the worst areas, remove and re caulk, double coat with BM penetrating aklyd primer and now the SW ext oil which is what inherited and due to sheen variations off other products i dont want to switch at this stage in the game.
Trim color went on yesterday temps hovering right bout 50, over night and today dipped to low to mid 40`s. finnish still tacky, areas where done last wet. contemplated putting on the rest today but have reservations as i havent used this product before.. obviously the best would be to wait until nicer weather..but im in the midwest where u sneeze and it changes.

any one had to put it on below 50 deg and if so how did it effect the product in the short run and long run that was noticed.

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I would not have applied oil to begin with, especially given that it dries slow and you need it to dry fast (in case it rains or snows unexpectedly). In my neck of the woods sherwin has their resilience line that is a quick skinning latex to prevent rain wash off.

Also, plan on your substrate being five degrees colder than ambient temperature. I think the resilience is good to 35 degrees. I wouldn't paint with it under forty though. You must two coat with resilience for the warranty to count.
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thanks for the insight. i agree.. prob foresight with the application of the top coat below 50..however i did take a risk, like we all do when it come down the the seasons end and there are 2 more exteriors waiting..also banking on the fact the product is an oil.. which in some cases might be a saving grace..
i would have like to have use something more forgiving in the dropping temps but that isnt an option.
of course the other option is to leave the reaminder until next season but i do hate to bill for unfinnished work and leave the residence in a state of in consistency..
next week supposedly is supposed to bring a break in temps above 50.. so will go for it then..
more feedback of course is appreciated.. thanks
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I hear you. No guts no glory. Sometimes you just gotta try. Especially if you already bought the materials...
Here in New England temps are dropping below freezeing nightly and mornings are very cold and damp. The window to paint with latex or oil is about 6 hrs even with that your taking a chance.

Back in the day all we really had to paint with was oil sometimes it worked somtimes it didnot. Paint needs time to cure latex or oil but we have mouths to feed and payrolls to make...........

Just IMO..........
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