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Just poured a new cement floor and now adding a 12'x14' loft using TJI 11 3/4 360 for the joists @ 24" O.C. bridged. The pole constructed garage is 14' wide by 24' long by 12' high with 6 4x4 posts and 2x6's for the siding rails, see pic below.

I'll use lag bolts to attach the loft frame (a 12'x14' box made out of 2x12's) to the 4x4's.
I have 3 questions about supporting the loft because I've never worked in a building constructed like this.
1) Run the joists perpendicular to the sides?
2) Sister 2x4's to the 4 4x4 corners or use 4x4's?
3) Use 1 or 3 4x4's for supporting the 12' sides? Using 3 would put them 24" O.C.

Thanks for your time.
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