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superheat doesnt mean super hot, its just the amount of sensible heat above saturation (boiling point). the BP is determined by the pressure. if the system is low on refrig. the evap is starved, meaning it is lower in pressure than normal. with the pressure lower, the BP is lowered toward freezing temps. so if your looking for an evap temp of 40 deg, the BP is 40 deg. if the BP subsiquently drops due to loss of refrig then the evap temp drops to lets say...24 deg. superheat is sensible heat (readable heat)above the BP, so your temp at the evap outlet may read 45 deg which is 21 deg superheated 11 deg higher than what you want if the the evap was at 40 deg.
40 deg. sat------------- 24 deg. sat
50 deg at evap ----------45 deg at evap
10 deg of SH-------------21 deg. of SH
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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