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Sun Tunnel Blog

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I started a blog on skylights and suntunnels.

Here is a link. Any imput is welcome.

You can summit comments on the blog for posting if you want.

Sun Tunnel Blog
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Thanks for starting a blog on skylights. Maybe you can talk about some of the types of roofs your going thru ie. shingle,metal, decra. Are you buying them from velux or another type and why do you like one from another?
Kudos for taking the initiative!:thumbsup:
The layout and pics are very nice. Two suggestions though.
You may want to have someone proofread it or at least read it aloud to yourself.
Can you add a before and after pic?


I like velux because ease of installation and no leaks. Will install other models. Some I will not. We all have favorites for no other reason then we like them.

I will have to reread them. Do not be shy on pointing anything out. You can be specific.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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