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suggestion for fan remote brand

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I could use a couple suggestions for a replacement fan remote control kit. Something contemporary and solid, as opposed to flimsy white plastic. Thanks much.
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Sorry. Ceiling fan in bedroom. Fan/light, actually. Client dropped the remote and it's toast. They want to replace it.
Some remote fans have the receiver built-in, and not an add-on type. If so, they may need a new fan.
This receiver is an add-on. I just have to drop the canopy, etc. to remove it.
I've installed a fair number of kits like that, and I don't recall any of them having a controller that struck me as being particularly robust. I'd just have the client pick one out that has the look & feel he wants, and roll with it.
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Hampton Bay and Hunter both sell retrofit kits.

A plastic remote is all I've ever seen.

I despise fan remotes. Just had to put that out there. Sore spot at home right now. :)
The remotes suck. Put it on a wall mounted controller and they never have to worry about where they put it.
Yes I'm so tired of figuring out if the switch is on or the remote is off. true it is...happened today.....a bunch of foul words came out directly after I flicked the switch..:laughing: Nothing's happening...:blink:

How true that is.....:clap:

But i still like them, just have to remember what's on and what's not....

Funny this post came up.....

I have 4 in my home...all on know those little jumper settings they have....well......

When I use the remote to turn my office CFL on it shuts off the kitchen CFL and vise versa.....I have to change the jumpers........:rolleyes:.:laughing:

Life is never boring.....(at least for me)...:rolleyes:

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Same here. In the morning looking for car keys and can't turn on the light because of the remote. It's like road rage. :)

I'm getting rid of all mine soon. Problem is I have some expensive fans with the remote built into them. So it's not an easy pill to swallow.
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