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Just moving into a different house, a couple weeks ago apparently a pipe broke and water ran for a very long time inside the house. Today I found the house plumbing was winterized so I wanted to de-winterize it so I can start working inside. Now, after turning on well pump breaker, no water! Bought as is, so the question is this. Could the pump have heated and siezed up when it was running for so long? Could the line be frozen at the pitless adapter or elsewhere outside (It's been anywhere from 0 - 20 degrees for days now)? How can I check this to see if it is froze? I am very mechanical and so far have determined that everything inside the house is working such as the pressure switch....also has power to the two wires leaving the house. I'm just lost as to my next step. Would I feel or hear that the pump was running from the line going to the tank in the basement? Tomorrow I will try to find the well casing in the yard....too dark now and I was freezing out there. Thanks for any advice!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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