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Stupid Newbie Question

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This is a really dumb question but unforuntaly i must ask... My hotwater heater, Should it make any noises.I went into my basement and noticed it was making what i could describe as a running noise.But i live in a duplex and the uptairs unit was quiet. Now someone in my unit had just taking a shower. Was the unit just reheating the water and i had never noticed it before? Thanks for any help and sorry for asking i think a dumb question .
It is a electric unit...
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Sounds like it was just water running and refilling the WH. Hot water gets it's pressure from the incoming city water (or whatever you have), and to go to an extreme with this, for every drop of water that leaves the WH, a drop of cold has to come in.
A hot water heater makes noise when heating hot water or when hot water is called for or at least mine does. Nothing to worry about.
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