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Hey guys, I'm looking for some recomendations.

We have a project, that I posted some pics a little while back. 6 year old arbor that died a early death, due to rot caused by moisture issues.

Here is my problem. The posts are 8x8 redwood, resawn with router work. The tops were notched down to about 4" square. 4x12 beams sit on the notch and are bolted through the remaining 4" square. On 3 of the 11 posts, that 4x4 was too rotted to keep.

I'm looking for a epoxy, glue, etc. to attach 4x4's back on to the tops of these posts. I used to use resorcinol, but it seems that the "green mafia" doesn't allow it in Ca. anymore.

The beams will still bear on to about 2" of post, but I need something to bolt them to.

My lumber yard suggested TB3, but that seems too simple.

Any idea's?
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