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I do a lot of restaurant work, actually that's all we do. Our company does general building maintenance but we do a lot of repaints, and remodeling.

I have a restaurant that has a basement floor that is in a 100+ year building. They use this area as a bar, pool tables, and private party's.

They have been painting the floor about 4 times a year for some time. (who knows with what cement paint, latex, oil)

Now they think they want to strip the paint, grind down the rough edges and acid wash.

It's about 600 to 700 sq/ft. The floor is anything but flat they have blocks under the pool tables several inches in order to level the table.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this.


Time involved (base on your experience doing similar work)?

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Yes scarify and then grind with large equipment and special concrete vacuum. Concrete dust will destroy you so be careful. Scarifier $100.00 per day and about the same for grinder. May have to pay for teeth and stones. The scarifier leaves grooves.
Then you could overlay with stamp or trowel down etc or you could hire a polisher.
Overlay products Brickform, Mapei, elite crete, renew crete, stardek, and on and on. Look local and save shipping.

Products and more info: Elite crete

One of my favorites:

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I had to do this on a floor for a thin bonded overlay last year. I used a pearl disc with a floor buffer. it was the poo! imagine a bunch of little scrapers riding on springs scraping off the paint. I would try that before anything else, cause it didn't mess up the concrete or put funny lines in it like a scarifier.
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