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I hope I don't get flamed too badly here, but I am not a mason, nor do I want to be. However, I am going to have a go at putting some Fast Stak Veneer on my foundation. What tools am I going to need, and what tools are nice to have to make things go quicker, but not necessarily needed. Pictures would help also, I like pictures. Thanks in advance.


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Already I can tell you have no idea about masonry. Everybody wants to be a mason! It's the coolness factor involved.:whistling
I'll use a smaller worn down masons trowel. One thing I'm using thinset and it will get caked up. I don't like using my good trowels. No big deal, they clean up.
A rectangular margin trowel.
Tuck pointer. The thinner the better.
4.5" Milwakee w/ diamond blade.
Long bristle wire brush.
Soft brush.
Small concrete trowel for parging wall.
4' level for marking level bond lines.
A second clean masons trowel for chopping stone.
Hammer, screwgun, stapler.
Any combination of the above depending on stone and style. If it came down to it a stick would do the job. Glob some mud on the back and stick them to the wall. So simple a caveman could do it.
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