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It's the mind set. People are now being educated to save, and cut-back. All people, on all financial levels, are being edcucated that way = now.

Regardless of whether they have been "visually" affected or not. Keep in mind, that things are not always what they "appear" to be.
Also, realize that even the previously wealthy, have been impacted, and have experienced a "hit" to their wealth, ability to acquire bank loans, and the value of their overall equity.

People, are now prone to be "deal hunters", and "discount hunters".

Realize, that even before the recession, that there were people doing this. "Getting a Deal", or "Getting a Discount", is a relative point. It is subject to interpretation.

A "good deal" to one person, may not be a "good deal" to another. That is where you have to be creative. What you offer, what your specialty is, what makes you different.

Examples (suggestions) of what I do, that have reaped good results:

If I give a discount (for whatever reason), I list it in writing on the initial proposal. Example: Home Owner agrees to Remove debris - Discount: $500.00. Home Owner agrees to perform painting - Discount: $1200.00, etc ,etc...

Final Invoice: Discount for performing work; We recently re-built a deck, the HO asked for, and agreed to a price to replace one of the slider's, at the deck location. I gave them a discount of $200.00 (off my normal slider replacement), because we were already there, and set up working.

When people "see" the discount, it carries weight to it. Remember that.

Simply telling them that they are getting a discount, does not carry the same weight.

If people are hunting for discounts, and deals = give them that, in such a way, that they can see it. That doesn't mean that you have to lower all your prices. It can also mean that you "highlight" the money that they are saving, by using your business, over others.
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