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First I know the titanium hammer topic has been beaten to death (with a titanium hammer :laughing: ). But I had some specific questions and did not feel like jumping on the tail end of an outdated thread. So here goes.

I'm at the age where I need to start being more proactive about protecting my body if I want to be able to move in my later years.

My ideal choice would be: TiBone TBII-15 Milled Face/Curved 18" Ti Hdl. at around $200. It has a changeable head when the Milled Face gets worn. So basically I can replace my hammer for around $30 a year.

My issue is I don't have the funds for this right now, so I need to look at the next step down.

I'm stuck on getting a Dalluge or a Stilletto. Several co-workers have told me they have issues with Stilletto wood handles breaking, something about them being very thin where they are mounted to the head. I do a lot of prying with my hammer, turning the head sideways to separate nailed together boards, ripping blocks off the floor, walls, ect. I do not want a hammer that's going to have the handle break off easily. I primary do rough framing and backout work.

They are all roughly around the same budget of $90 or less. Now I know the logical solution is to just save another $100 and go for my ideal choice above, but I want to get something sooner than later and I have to work with the budget I have right now.

That being said what would you guys recommend. Dalluge or Stilletto. Wood or Fiberglass handle. 16oz or 14oz? I need a milled face and an axe handle style.

I am looking at:
Dalluge 14oz, Dalluge 16oz, and then there are the various 16oz and 14oz Stilletto wood and fiberglass options, though I think only the wood ones come in the price range of $90 or less.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

- Boda
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