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Steel Trowels

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Steel Finishing Trowels

Hi all , first off this is a cool site and has helped me learn a thing or two before signing up.

I have a question for you guys i have recently been put on concrete finishing work I was trained to use a 14x3 trowel in addition to my 18x4 round finishing trowel on the second round of steel troweling. My question is what do you reccomend for a "burner" trowel ? i have heard of guys using 12x2.5 trowels and midget trowels (8x3) and am curious to hear what you guys use Also I use and 18' resin float and 6x6 edgers and work in socal any input is appreciated. Thanks
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12x5 Stainless is my personal favorite.

I use it seamlessly going between stucco and concrete finishing.

It's personal preference though, the best trowel for burning in my opinion is the sharpest one you have in your bucket.
What is "burning"? :confused:
I think it is what most of the finishing crew is doing in the job trailer before the trucks show up.
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i want to try one of those stainless steel trowels everytime it seems that i let someone use my trowel it comes back with rust on it
Firstly, don't let other people use your trowels, tell them to get their own.

I had to buy stainless trowels for doing EIFS and the quartz in the finish coat sharpened them up to a razor edge. One day I tried one for catching edges on a floor and it was great, so I have been using them ever since.

I think they are also easier to clean and it is nice that you can put them in the bucket wet and not worry about them until the next time you need to use it.

They do take some work to break in though, I did a ton of EIFS with my trowels to break in the corners and get a razor edge on them.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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