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Steel Trowels

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Steel Finishing Trowels

Hi all , first off this is a cool site and has helped me learn a thing or two before signing up.

I have a question for you guys i have recently been put on concrete finishing work I was trained to use a 14x3 trowel in addition to my 18x4 round finishing trowel on the second round of steel troweling. My question is what do you reccomend for a "burner" trowel ? i have heard of guys using 12x2.5 trowels and midget trowels (8x3) and am curious to hear what you guys use Also I use and 18' resin float and 6x6 edgers and work in socal any input is appreciated. Thanks
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When I was building skateparks we had to finish everything by hand and I found the little 8" (I think it was 8") by 3" (I think it was 3") my favourite for getting the most pressure but if I just have to burn a 3" strip or something along the edge for a basement or something then I usually tip the back of the trowel up and put my left hand on the front and give her ****. Thats only if the front is rounded though.
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