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Steel Trowels

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Steel Finishing Trowels

Hi all , first off this is a cool site and has helped me learn a thing or two before signing up.

I have a question for you guys i have recently been put on concrete finishing work I was trained to use a 14x3 trowel in addition to my 18x4 round finishing trowel on the second round of steel troweling. My question is what do you reccomend for a "burner" trowel ? i have heard of guys using 12x2.5 trowels and midget trowels (8x3) and am curious to hear what you guys use Also I use and 18' resin float and 6x6 edgers and work in socal any input is appreciated. Thanks
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I use 12 x 2.5. Old school union finishers started me on them. Once you get used to anything it will work. They always said it was easier to use 2.5" as opposed to 4" wide.
I have a few trowels that work, but are not that great. Whenever friends want to use my tools, I give those out.
For the most part, I never loan out tools. Why give somebody the tools to take work away from you.
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