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Steel Trowels

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Steel Finishing Trowels

Hi all , first off this is a cool site and has helped me learn a thing or two before signing up.

I have a question for you guys i have recently been put on concrete finishing work I was trained to use a 14x3 trowel in addition to my 18x4 round finishing trowel on the second round of steel troweling. My question is what do you reccomend for a "burner" trowel ? i have heard of guys using 12x2.5 trowels and midget trowels (8x3) and am curious to hear what you guys use Also I use and 18' resin float and 6x6 edgers and work in socal any input is appreciated. Thanks
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i want to try one of those stainless steel trowels everytime it seems that i let someone use my trowel it comes back with rust on it
pretty much yes where you use a smaller trowel to work up more cream to make a very smooth floor its like burnishing where you have a tiny trowel and you ''burn'' it and leave a very shiny surface that looks like glass
what do you like about blue steel trowels ? i am buying a whole new set of trowels to replace my old ones and am on the fence of carbon steel and blue steel
thanks , i am going to be replacing my mainstay of trowels soon since they are old and deteriorated (they're from the 70s doing tract work) and replace them i use a 14x3 but i think im going to try the 12x3 and see if that works better but i will check out the 10x3 too > i am going to this badass place called roseburrough where they make bitchin trowels and have a store that is like disneyland for finishers
Its very cool to see everybody's preferences which is why I love working with other finishers I got all my trowels set up Here is a Pic after I got socked up at Roseburrough , I have since cut the float to 14 in. And acquired a sqaure 14 x 4 (awesome but some say its to small for slab work ) and I added in my favorite trowel (8x3)


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CarsonMoffat said:
When I was building skateparks we had to finish everything by hand and I found the little 8" (I think it was 8") by 3" (I think it was 3") my favourite for getting the most pressure but if I just have to burn a 3" strip or something along the edge for a basement or something then I usually tip the back of the trowel up and put my left hand on the front and give her ****. Thats only if the front is rounded though.
when I was pumping with ca skateparks i always was learning stuff from you skatepark finishers aka my favorite trowel (8x3)
builditguy said:
I use 12 x 2.5. Old school union finishers started me on them. Once you get used to anything it will work. They always said it was easier to use 2.5" as opposed to 4" wide. I have a few trowels that work, but are not that great. Whenever friends want to use my tools, I give those out. For the most part, I never loan out tools. Why give somebody the tools to take work away from you.
I have a 12x3 thats the burn trowel just about everybody uses
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