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Another book to add to the list that I don't think was mentioned is:

Precision Framing by Rick Arnold & Mike Guertin. Go browse through the JLC website and the Fine Home Building website. Bunch of stuff there on framing. I have found the manufacturer websites can actually be pretty helpful. Look up the install instructions, sometimes they have a tip. They will at least tell you the proper way to install their product.

As everyone has said, plan your day out the night before. Make a schedule and decide who is going to be doing what when. For example, if you were starting to frame first floor walls a schedule could be:

8 - 8:30am Setup for day ( everybody)
8:30 - 9:30am. Lay out walls ( you & 1 helper)
Start cutting window & door parts; headers, jacks, sills, cripples ( your other skilled worker).
Sort & Spread Lumber. ( your other laborer)

That's just an example.
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