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This is a question for subs and GC's alike.

How does a sub pursue potential GC's?

To the subs, how did you come about working for you GC's?

To the contractors, how did you find your subs?

Any current GC is already going to have his subs, in my case I'm thinking about how to get a trim carpentry subcontracting business going. How do you become the go to guy amidst a see of GC's who are loyal to their current subs?

When is the best approach to take in going after GC's?

What do you as a GC like to see when a sub comes to you for work?

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Homebuilders are a lot more loyal to their subs. It's harder to get in with them if they are already established. When I was first starting out i'd call them and ask them if they would like me to give them a price. Most said don't waste your time. Some said sure. Most of the time I'd never hear anything on that job. Sometimes I'd hear something about another job they where doing and i'd bid it especially if they had a problem with there previous sub.

Commercial work is an entire different animal. Anyone can get in and bid that stuff. I've seen many try, get it, and loose there shirt in the first job. It's a cut throat business but about 1 and 4 jobs i'd turn a huge profit and the other two would pay the bills and then some, the 4th would be a loss.

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Always ask. You may find some GC's who are so busy that their go to sub can't keep up. They will throw you the little jobs, but if you perform well, they will call again later. Check in with the lumber yard and see if they know who is busy. I have one loyal salesman that has gotten me hooked up with several contractors over the years.
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