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Starting a scholarship

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I've been thinking about starting a scholarship program at the college my wife graduated from here locally. Nothing too big to start. Maybe give away $250.00 to one kid each year, they can use it to pay for books for a semester. I know when we were that young getting any free money helped out no matter what it was. I sure appreciated my wife getting her $500 here and $500 there grants and scholarships each semester to help pay for her degree.

I've been trying to find someone at the college to see what needs to be done and how you do it, but haven't had much success yet. I suppose you can set it up however you want, I would probably let it be eligeable to accounting students since that was her major, full timer to qualify. Not sure how to choose how to give it out, if the college would determine it or if it would be up to me to choose the recipient. Could have them qualify by writing an essay about their goals or their need or something like that. Any thoughts on the subject?
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Can I apply?

Id rite ya a real nice assay!!!
No Canucks allowed! :cheesygri
And to think, I actually liked you Mike...

So much for that - we're sworn enemies now! :cheesygri :cheesygri
Mike Finley said:
No Canucks allowed! :cheesygri
Why accounting? Why not construction related?

I plan to evenatually take on summer interns who want to get their hands dirty both IN the office and OUT of the office. I'll probably pay them too!
Grumpy -

For the selfish part - graduating accountants can grow up to earn 6 figures, I like being in their good graces if they remember who helped them when they needed it. Accountants are thick as thieves, being able to be talked up in their big time functions is advertising I could never afford to pay for.

For the selflessness part - wife graduated from this college with an accounting degree. Time to give something back.
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