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Starting a New Venture!

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After watching this forum for the several months I guess its time to jump in and introduce myself. For three months I have been gathering equipment from my home state of Texas to start a media (sand, soda, glass, etc.) blasting business part time. I have also been gathering "knowledge" from this site and must say it is the best place on the world wide web to do so. I purchased a Marco sand blaster and a Surface Tech multi media blaster used but in great shape. This all started a couple years ago when I began restoring a 1951 model pickup and was looking in my area for someone to soda blast it. I soon found that there was more demand than supply, another words no one was doing anything but sand blasting. I presently have a well established business that has nothing to do with blasting but I could see the need so I am building a shop on a major highway and plan to do blasting on site 1-2 days per week starting out. I have some experience with the soda and other material but know very little about the sand part of it. It didn't take long to realize that I had found the perfect website for blasting, there are some real knowledgeable people on here, or they put on a great front! If this works out like I think it will I would eventually like to incorporate some painting along with the blasting. Any ideas, comments or suggestion would be greatly appreciated and I hope to become a regular on here with plenty of questions.
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Just happened on your post here...had me thinking...years ago I needed the dump on my truck sandblasted prior to painting...I found a guy deep in the woods of NW CT. to do it. He was primarily a headstone maker. And very talented, judging by the stuff he had hanging around. It interested me enough that I got to making some stencils for blasting stone....names, house numbers, that sort of thing....I just hand cut off of fonts I blow up off the internet...figure I will make my headstone someday, and someone else can just fill in the last part when the time comes...welcome to CT, and good luck
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Welcome Tex to the site.

Been blasting for over 14 years, (for a Navy contractor) and doing some on the side at the same time. I to in the last 2 years have gone on my own and find it growing every day.

Good luck in your business. I wish you well.

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Howdie Tex, It's always nice to see new blasters come on board. May I ask what your main business is?
Welcome, I am a nube here to, but not to soda blasting, been blasting for about 13 years or is that 14, they go by so fast. The guys here are great and only to willing to help.

welcome aboard tex...this is the best site to read and gather info did it right IMHO with the equipment you own...i guess i am a little bias though...i own the same stuff.

read it all from start to finish and absorb it the best you can and


sorry i couldnt resist...paul where are you?did the snow cut out your internet?
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No Glen I don't mind, I have a Dirt & Septic business. Started out as a small dirt business, expanded into septics, which is what I used to do years ago. Now we do about 95% septics (residential and commercial) and fill in the off time with dirt work. Works great here in Texas because of very little down time due to weather, though thats all we have done the past two day is sit by the fire.

On another note, I noticed on some websites that some guys have some sort of contraption they bolt to car bodies to spin them and blast all around. Are these homemade or store bought?
Maybe I need to start a new thread on this?
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corncob... those are car rotisseries. Most of them are around $1,000.
Ebay is about the cheapest and welcome to our community..
one thing to consider...the time you bolt to...unbolt from and deal with all that is time you wont be paid for...also the customer needs to have the car on the rotisserie through the whole project so let them bring it on one and leave on one...really cuts your liability also on if the car gets damaged being bolted to...
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I agree with Blastserv. Anyway they are not universal. You need different brackets for every auto. You will find people are glad to pay you nothing extra for all the extra hours of setting up equipment or taking parts off or masking let alone the cost of the equipment. I leave all of that to them. I just want to blast it and get the next thing in.
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Thanks for all the info, I'm sure there will be more questions later.
DD on soda blasting

I too am doing my DD on soda blasting, and have been off and on for the last 3-4 months. now that i have a few thousand saved, i would like to commit to a small move into this venture. I'm looking to do some small time stuff on the side to gain experience. i can see a huge market here near Houston and over closer to the coast. but all that is for later this year or the next.

I guess i should back up a bit. I'm only 23, but a highly ambitious person. I'm in the process of starting up several other ventures as well, but soda is my favorite one, and the one i will be personally running.

with that being said... the economy down here is BOOMING. I'm actually north of Houston about 30 miles and everywhere i look another subdivision is going in. there is huge amusement park going in not 15 miles from me... and the largest race track in east Texas is being built not 5 miles from me. basically you have to be a complete idiot to not make any money around here... which unfortunately is quite common in the deep woods around here.

the possibilities around here for soda are limitless, oilfield, graffiti, boats, industrial, body shops...

but then again: when i see a drop, i dream of the ocean it came from.© :cheesygri
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