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llc will make the most sense for most 1 man businesses....this is something you need to talk with your accountant about...he will discuss these options

i am a LLC and file as an S Corp

to price yourself you need to know 2 things....what your costs actually are and what your competition is charging

start out at your cost...add 10-40% profit....thats where youd LIKE to be
now how much is your competition charging? is it close to that number? if its below your cost then the competition is too fierce and they are killing each other....if its close to your number then your in a good market......your sell price should be with a decent profit and still within the local market for what you sell.......if everyone is $100 an hour you cant be $150.........

now you have to decide if your low/mid/high end....i dont know if dump trucks have categories like that....if your high end you need to do more than average for your customers...your truck has to be perfect, you need to give perfect need to give something MORE to charge more
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