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Starting A Installation Drawing Service

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Hello All,

A local floor covering retailer has asked if I would be interested in providing layout and to-scale installation diagrams for his store based on my design experience. I am trying to find out if there is enough demand to make it worth starting a service to supply local flooring retailers with the CAD based diagrams. Are many retailers still contracting out installation diagrams or is this a thing of the past with estimating software I see available? I realize the state of the economy right now, but I am willing to put in the time if there is demand when the economy picks up. Thanks
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No market for that. Very few stores try to scale-out a floor plan in advance, it just isn't a workable concept.

If a retailer were to hand me a scaled drawing of a typical floor plan I would tell him where he could shove his drawing.:whistling
Thanks for the input Bud. The way the retailer explained it to me, at least for a carpeting job: the estimator does the room measurements, pile direction, and creates a sketch of the space. This estimator info is then taken, along with seam location, door swing and other obstructions to create a scale drawing. I don't know if his explanation makes a difference, but I thought I would just throw it out there. Maybe this is something specific to some carpet installations only.
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A drawing to scale is totally unneccesary for carpet installations. I have never seen a retailer do that in my 36 years in this business.
In some cases the estimator/salesman that looks at the job may present minimal notes to the installer so that the installer knows how the estimator figured the cuts. But even at that, it wouldn't be done very often in my experience. Every one of those things that I have ever been aware of has been penciled on a piece of scratch paper and looks like it was done by someone in kindergarden.:)
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Thanks !
If i want help i contact you.:thumbup:
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