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start hours

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usually it's driven by the client, and sometimes it bugs me because I have to wait until 9:30 A.M. or some such thing until the kids/dogs are out of the house.

I lucked out this time though, I told the client that I could be there at 6 A.M. and he said sure! wow. It's one of the easiest gig's I've had in a while.

I'm installing crown moulding in a house that he's bought. The house is empty, no dogs, no kids, no furniture and all 8' ceilings Yaaaa! and by starting at 6 am I'll get a three hour jump on that ston... uh... mellow painter.

He absolutely refused to do the caulking and filling in the crown, so what the heck more $$ for me :)

I'm gonna enjoy this one, no 18' ceilings over stairwells to contend with either.

It's so rare to be able to start a job at a reasonable hour, I beat most of the rush hour traffic and get an extra couple of hours on the job.
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That's a good price negotiation tool also. Let's say you give 'em a quote and they want a lower price, you can offer it in exchange for an earlier start time.

I have a gig right now that has an inflated price simply because the HO doesn't want his family to see me much less be around while I am doing the work. So I can't get in until 8:30 and I have to be gone by 2. More days to complete the work = more money that I have to charge.
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