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Stanley FatMax SP5 Laser

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Does anyone have a SP5 self-leveling laser? I pulled mine out of the case to use it and only 4/5 of the laser beams are working and the one that doesn't work is the one that points down which is the most important..

Anyone know if they can be replaced/fixed?
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Hate to tell you the bad news, but it is not worth fixing.

It will cost you more to fix that, than it will cost to buy a new one.

Also Stanley does not sell that model or any rotating lasers anymore, but there are a lot for sale on the web. Amazon has then for $153, and there are other places cheaper.

The reason Stanley does not sell them anymore, is that CST Berger/David White made the rotating lasers for Stanley. Stanley Works sold CST/David White to Bosch last year.

Forgot to add:

If you want to try and fix it yourself, the part you need is "Z58-6304-LO" Diode Body Assembly. But this part will probably cost more than a new laser.

Also if you go to the CST Berger site, click on "self support", type in "SP5" in the search box, and it will pop up the parts diagram and manual for your model.
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Wow!. I only had this thing for about a year this was going to be the second time using it. Im done with stanley, this aint the first time that garbage brand has broke on me
Stanley recently bought Black & Decker, which owns Dewalt. Dewalt has lasers. If you call Stanley and tell them your issues after only a year they might do something for you on a Dewalt laser.

I think you just had bad luck or something. Stanley lasers were built by CST Berger. The Berger systems are very rugged. Check out Leica if you are looking for a new system. They are more money upfront, but they have a 2 year warranty, even if you drop it.

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