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I have an old hip roof barn. I have no idea how to get it dried out. the barn has a 4' concrete wall around three sides of it and the fourth side is daylighted. when it rains the barn fills up with inches of standing water. the water is not runoff from the hill. I put a swale along the uphill side to redirect all the water and it did not help. The ground is very wet and I am convinced that the water table actually rises that high when it rains.

I also have an old well about 120' away from the barn that is not used. I was wondering... if I put a submersible pump in there and ran it 24-7 into a pond that is downhill, do you think that would drop the water table and keep my barn dry?

Otherwise, I can see that the floor has settled about 2-3 inches below the grade beams. I am temppted jackhammer out the old floor and put butile around all the grade beams and re-pour it on top or 8" of drain rock. I do not want a sump pump or any other silly systems that require too much mantinence.

Any cost saving ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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