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stainless steel kitchen cabinets

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had a customer ask about stainless steel kitchen not think they are looking for commercial restaurant equipment look.any ideas ,ithink seimatic makes this type of cab but they probaly cost more than customer can afford .
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"Champane Taste, on a beer bones project"

Not real sure but I have seen them before, and yes very costly.

I think Formica and WilsonArt both make metals that you laminate just like regular laminates. Maybe they'd bite on that?
i posted this on pointed to lasertron direct ,anyone have any experince with this company.we could also probaly install stainless doors on eurobox cabs to save a bit on cost.
could see the laminate working on frames or end panels,just not on doors or drawer fronts.
have heard that ikea may have a line out- maybe worth checking out
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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