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Stain patch

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This is a door where someone stuck some blue tape to it and peeled off some of the existing stain along with the tape.

Trying to patch it, this is my second attempt. My first try, I sanded it but I don't think I sanded it enough. Plus I think it was too dirty, the edges looked like mud. So I tried again, resanded the area, this time I did a wet sand with 220g and it looked a lot cleaner. So I applied the stain but now I'm getting a darker line around the outside of the patch where the new stain is covering the old stain. I tried touching up the edges with acetone, this is laquor stain, acetone is the only thing that really cleans it, but I didn't have much luck. I was also careful sanding the edges of the patch each time to avoid ridges.

I'm thinking for my third try to sand it again but this time wet sand the edges so the old stain has more of a gradual transition from existing to the bare wood. Meaning I would create a gradient around the edge. And then I would go ahead and apply my stain. The stain is also pretty light, it was original sprayed on in a shop and I'm applying it with a brush and rag.

Any ideas to make this patch invisible without refinishing the entire door?

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I would remove the hardware and sand the entire rail to remove the stain, being careful not to get into the stiles. Mask it off and re stain, you might get lucky with a brush and very light touch on wiping but if you can spray it then go with that.
Actually I found out the door has a different kind of stain is why I'm having a hard time with it. I thought it was the same, oh well, I'll have to deal with it.
Airbrush the stain on. Set it so you can barely see the stain show up on a white pc of paper. Then airbrush it on the spot until you get a close enough match.
Do not wet sand or sand to fine.You are trying to replictate the original.I'm sure it was not wet sanded and probably not sanded past 180.Mayne 220.
That's a water stain someone could wiped something off the door before you stained it. I just had this happen with 8 three panel pine doors. I had to deal with tile guy splashed water on door it didn't show up until I applied the stain. Had to sand the doors down. I was going to attach pictures but it won't let me. Good luck
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