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So we've got a construction laydown area that's about 400' x 200'. And it's got a good base of what looks like #57 Limestone. Boss says "Build a parking lot outta this so we can use it for the people we're going to shuttle"

So I say "Yes sir." And then ponder, whats the best course of action. These are technically temp hires, so I don't want to lay down concrete or asphalt. This lot will probably be abandonded in a few years. But this #57 just isn't right for a parking lot. So I'm thinkin about getting a few inches of crush & run (Or crusher run, depending on your region) and using that to tie in all my existing gravel. If it works how I think it works, it'll help fill in some gaps, and when it gets wet and compacts a bit, it'll harden up and make a decent parking lot.

So my questions. A: Is this the best course of action?
B: If it is, how do I work crush & run? Lay it dry & roll? Vibrator of some sort? What's worked for you?

Thanks for any help =)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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