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spring clamps

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I have seen these on these forums, in books, etrc.. They are small wirelike clamps that you squeeze to open, place them where you want them like on corners and release. The point of contact is just a point on the object being clamped.

I have looked and cannot find any around here. What are they called and where can I get some?

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Basswood has talked about them a bit.
Collins Tool makes the ones that Basswood talked about.
Robert Larson Also makes them, although they are a bit more expensive

I've used both, and I can't justify the extra cost for the Larson setup. Also, in a pinch, you can work the Collins clamps without the plyers, which you can't really do with the Larsons.
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Those are the type. THanks!
If I can't find some in the next few days, I will order some of these clamps. The pliers look like the type used to spread engine rings with. I have those. Anyone tried them with these springs? Not sure they will open the springs far enough without being altered.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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