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Spraying Oil Base Paint

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Guys I have been working on an entertainment center for awhile and now ready for paint.I will be using SW's oil base Pro Classic.While I have sprayed this paint for afew yrs now I have never been able to conquer it to the point that if someone walk up and look at it closely they would say that a professional painted it.Well,to help put things in my favor I would like to at alittle pentrol to the mix.If I mix up a quart of paint,how much Pentrol should I at to the mix?Do I really need the Pentrol since its alittle on the cold side where I'm at(low 60's).Is pentrol better to use in the summer times only,or does it matter?Do ya'll know of any tutorial someplace that would help my spraying?Thanks guys---CJ Courtney
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I use naptha when spraying oil to avoid sagging. I use penetrol only when brushing.
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Watch out for the temperatures. I like to spray when it's hot. Get some heat in your shop. Make sure you strain your paint, new tip, check your spray fan and get it dialed in before you shoot. I think oil is easier to spray than latex most of the time.
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