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Spider control

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I kill a few spiders in my shop/office almost everyday. Today, I killed my second brown widow spider in the last few months. It was a pretty big one that had nested right under one of my saw horses, where I normally grab to move it. Needless to say, it's got me a little nervous about getting bitten by one of these things. I'm looking for a good spider spray to to control these things in there. I have a lot of scrap wood and metal in my shop, and other places for them to hide. I've heard of Suspend SC or Delta Dust. Any other ones recommended? I can't seem to find any place in town that sells the Suspend. I have an indoor fogger in my shop right now, fogging the place out.
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Spiders goto where the food is or so i have been told, so you should spray the inside and out of the building to keep the ants etc out and it should help.
Bugs.. flying bugs... not ants only!.. Seals all door cracks & windows crevices, threhold holes, etc., around whole building where ants, roaches (try not to eat in building anymore?), & small bugs/insects can creap into building... then start Fumigation/Fogging all interiors for a whole day (without anyone occupied)
I wish I could seal off the whole shop, but I have a big roll down door, and it's virtually impossible to get it completely sealed, especially at the bottom.
These two types of bugs & environment I hate the most:

1. Dark & Dry environment =>> Spider webs

2. Dark & Humid environment =>> Jumping, ugly-as-hell, hunch-back, bastard-looking w/ long leg & antenna Crickets (i.e., half-grasshopper, half-roach hybrid looking types).. all kids got scared of these jumping right into their faces in summer nights, etc.. :whistling
I have a little bit of both! Lots of spiders and other strange looking creatures in here. I'm going to fog and spray this place to death!
The best OTC product I have found for spiders is Demon. Just drop 2 packets in a bug sprayer,fill with water, and spray. It is available around here at feed stores. I spray my porches, around my slab and my dock in the spring and don't have any problems the rest of the year.

Not sure what a brown widow is though. We have black widows and brown recluse.
We have both of those two. In fact, we killed about 7 black widows around my house with some spider spray from Lowe's, but it doesn't keep them away for long. Brown widows are related to black widows. They have an orange-yellow type hour glass on their stomach. There are 4 different types of widow spiders. The brown widow's venom is more toxic than the black widow, but they don't put out as much. I've heard some pretty bad stories about brown widow spider bites. Definitely nothing to fool around with. I'm a little paranoid now, cause in the summertime, I wear shorts a lot in my shop. Every little brush I feel against my legs has me jumpy now. I feel like I just watch arachnophobia!
:laughing: I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem.

I didn't ever do anything besides vac 'em every few months...I still don't know what in the hell they're eating...maybe each other, as I never see any other kind of bugs.
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