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Spent Grit?

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Here’s a question no one ever askes, (New guys lissen up…)
What do you do with your spent grit ?
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My dumpster company takes mine. I put cheap kitchen bags in to five gallon drums. shovel them full and drop the them in. The bags are strong enough just to hold it together while it sits in there . They just added about $80. a month to the bill to account for the weight. So far on mobile jobs I have left clean up to the customer. I don't exactly go to each townships before I go do a job.
Same here, I use the original bag, then plastic it so it doesnt go every where or get wet.

Soda with bottom paint is different, I have a guy with a licence to hall it pick it up and take it to a assigned land fill, that cost by the pound! price verys by the day.
last time it was a $1 a pound
A buck a lb. Wow. That's almost half of what I can even get away with charging for the whole job. I don't know how you are able to build all that in.
I never had to rent a dumpster for an on site yet, but they said if I do then you don't want to use bags. if it is nothing but the media they can take it as clean fill and it costs a lot less. Then you have to lock it closed too so you don't get a trash donation at night.
9 out of 10 times the boats that I do are in marinas or boat yard. I’m able to leave it with them for disposal. Most have hazards dumpster on site, as part as the clean harbor act any way.
We bag it in original packing, re-bag in plastic for them. That way I know it’s not just washed down.
I have them sign a paper that states they are assuming responsibility of the waste and to dispose of it properly and according to local and state regulations. Plus I give them a copy of the MSDS sheet to have on hand for the Soda.
If I take it then it’s an extra charge for disposal.
I only paid $1 that one time; it was more for S&H than anything. (I think it was $20 per ton + S & H?)
The marina was a fresh water boat yard. They didn’t deal with bottom paint very often.
They paid for the test. (TCLP) "It was classified as Special Waste" as it is a anti fouling paint. (the old type)
I just added the disposal to my price, no problems.
It was cheaper for them, than if they had to pay for fines with DEP for having it lying around.
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Proud to say I have elevated my shop floor 10 inches in the past two years in my blast building Its a 45 x 75, open to the south where alot of it blows out........ I love the country. On travel jobs I have asked construction outfits if they want it and they usually take it for foundation fill.
I thought about finding some glass blower company if they want some free crushed glass...

I wonder if they could melt it down?

I'm in the county too, but the state and the town has to many tree hugers, some one would turn me in....
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