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Specialty Exterior Reflective Glass Cleaning: Stains, Runoff, Iridescence, Hard Water

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Here's our latest project - Attempting to turn 6200 sq. ft. of exterior reflective glass with yellow smog staining, hard water stains and runoff and iridescence to a nice looking building again.

A little background on this project.
The building is about 25 years old in Huntington Beach, CA, about 2 miles from the ocean. Apparently gets lots of condensation every night. Over the years, improper window cleaning techniques have caused stains and a runoff look across pretty much the entire curtain wall. 10 seperate professional window cleaning experts came, saw and left, without attempting the job because this type of reflective glass was "unrestorable". However, we had been working on a solution to this problem since we had been contacted by Cushman Wakefield on a similar type building complex in Ventura, CA. However in our initial investigation, we were running into one dead end after another. J. Racenstein told us, "there's nothing that can be done to restore that type of glass when it gets like that. Any of the aggressive acid window cleaners will take the reflective finish right off and abrasives are out of the question."
We kept getting the same answer from all the experts in the window cleaning world. "You can't use acids or abrasives on this stuff."
Long story short, we experimented with a few different compounds until we found something that worked quickly and didnt use any of the HFL, HCL, Muriatic, Ammonium Bisulfide or any of the aggressive acids like that. Here's a link to the pics we took of the project. Looking for feedback and also looking for more buildings like this now. A generous finders fee awaits you!

I can't seem to post any pics or links. Is there a way to at least insert some pics??

If you go to the website and click on services, there is a link to some pics there. Sorry for the inconvenience. It will be worth it!

We are also the premiere company in the US when it comes to high volume scratched glass repair. No Distortion - No Haze - Guarantee!

We are the pioneers in Professional Glass Restoration - contact us for more info or if you have any questions about how we can do what everyone is saying can't be done!

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Exterior Reflective Restoration
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Glass Graffiti Removal
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Exterior Reflective Stained Glass Restoration - Before + After pics

OK, finally figured out how to attach pics the old fashioned way! Contact me for more info.


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