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Space under the box

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Anyone come up with a better way to use the space under the toolbox?

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Yeah, get a deeper box, so there is less space below it.

Seriously, that's what I did. I have enough room under my tool box for (1) 2X?s and a ton of room in the box.
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Throw the toolbox in the trash they always get in the way.
I concur, get a trailer instead.
Throw the toolbox in the trash they always get in the way.
It's where I cram garbage so it doesn't blow out...
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Ditch the toolbox and get a cap and bedslide. Best thing I ever did. No worrying about people stealing your stuff.
I built a drawer under my old greenlee box, it was kind of like the new knack box with a drawer... bastards...

Now I have a suburban, WAY better than a truck.
Get a 5x2x2 Greenlee lock box, they are way more secure than a standard p/u toolbox, and hold WAY more crap.
No, sell it with the truck and get a van, no real wasted space except right by the gas cap bump and wheel wells.
Throw the toolbox in the trash they always get in the way.
I ditched mine and built drawers in the bottom. 4x8 ply on top of 2x12's, with 3 drawers under it. I need to take a pic, but kinda holding out for the next version. needs to hold a sys4.
I keep a 4 ft step ladder under mine. Otherwise it's a great place for small parts to slide 8ft out of reach... Next truck I'm getting a short box.
sell the space, along with the box and truck, and get a van.
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