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Soy Bean Oil SPF

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This was taken a few weeks ago. It was the first roof ever done using a Urethane Foam that had the Petroleum in the B-Side replaced with a regrowable source of energy (Soy) as a 3 pound density closed cell. The Cores I cut from roof after have been weighed and are sitting under water (block holding down) for one more week to see if any moisture has been absorbed. You will also find a Pic on the same thread of PICs of a 1.75 Closed cell Spray in plance SoyThane Insulation job.
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Good looking job Tom!!!!! How can one find out more on this product???? Thanks in advance!!!!!

Tom, I'm interested too! Where are you located? I'm in Jensen Beach, halfway between Palm Beach and Ft. Pierce.
Tom Hay is in Clearwater. You might notice Tom hasn't posted for a year ;)
SPF Roofing

I see Tom has not been on here since 03. Tom has a great system for the roofing industry. SPF Roofing has come a long way since 03. I have been in the coatings industry for more than 10 years now. I own a company based out of Indiana and the past year have branched out to Florida applying these SPF Roofing Systems. We have been helping out with the hurricane diaster getting these roofs on in half the time. If you have any questions about these SPF roof systems contact us.


SoyThane is alive and well. Though I am Semi Retired, my products are not;)

We have taken Soythane and gone Cartridge with it out of the SprayMax FastKick SprayGun/Proportioner. To see it in action click on

Any questions, just ask.

Does anyone know if soythane has any national recognition?

Is it part of any energy standardizations? R ratings?
Does it qualify for a tax credit if installed?
Yes, It qualifies for the 30% Tax Credit
Back from the Beloved and Dearly Departed!!!!

Does that 30% tax credit have the $1,500.00 cap on it, or is it unlimited?

Also, is that just for residential applications or commercial and industrial application to qualify?

pic not showing, got more?
Ed, it has a $1,500.00 cap and must be used for primary residence. All the links, even tax form is on my site if that will help.
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