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Soundproofing common wall. Question to soundproofing experts...

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Hi there,

I want to complete a DIY soundproofing project in my home and wanted to ask if I'm headed in a right direction with this.

Also if there is someone in Greater Toronto Area area who want's to take on a project like this, I might consider just hiring you for this work.

We live in a town home and sound insulation is a big concern for us. Our master bedroom shares a wall with a neighboring master bedroom, some would say that it's a good thing as people usually sleep there and don't make any noise, except for that our neighbor snores like a warthog.
It's so bad that it feels like we have them sleeping in our bed. :blink:

I haven't opened the wall yet to check what they have for insulation, but I believe that common wall has nothing but drywall on both sides of the studs to separate us from our neighbors.

Here is the question, would adding quiet rock drywall as well as insulating the wall with Roxul sound insulation do the trick?
Also is there a need to hang drywall in any special way to reduce vibrations traveling trough studs?
Is there a need to insulate adjacent walls, one is exterior and one is interior wall, I was thinking at least a foot of insulation on adjacent walls to stop sound from leaking in.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice that you might have for me.

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Dealing with sound problems isn't on of those things you can throw the kitchen sink at. Many factors go into solving these problems. There are many companies out there that specialize in acoustics. It's best to get them to design a system with science.

Sound insulation: Slows down sound waves and somewhat distorts them. You can have 4 feet thick insulation and it won't "stop" the sound waves. Everything will sound more "muffled"

Sound Rock: A DYI product not worth it's weight in gold

Green Glue: scam

Your wall prob. needs these things (At least)
Isolate solid materials (staggered studs, isolation clip with RC1 channel
A dense material to stop sound waves, multi layers of drywall and a engineered sound barrier.
Acoustical insulation and sealants to work with the above.
You likely have sound traveling between your ceiling and the next door ceiling. This may be hard to isolate depending on how the building was constructed.

Lots of information can be found here: Not trying to sell you anything it's just someone we consult with and buy materials from.
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