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Hi there,
I am new here so please bear with me.
I have a sound proofing project in an old construction with no insulation: a single family house 2 stories in LA, each level approximately 1100 sqft.
They want to sound proof the second floor/first ceiling so that they don't hear each other in the 2 different stories.
2nd floor is engineered hard wood flooring.
House is wood frame on slab built in 1954 remodeled several times. Last remodel is 2 years old. Wood floor in the 2nd floor is like new.
I had the chance, due to a gas leak, to see the space between the 2 levels, after removing the drywall ceiling downstairs and noticed there is absolutely NO insulation between the 2 floors. Just joists under the wood floor and the drywall ceiling below. So they need to, somehow, insert strong sound insulation in between, at a low cost with high efficiency.
Do we have to remove the floor above, sound proof and re-install the hardwood floor? gonna cost a lot.
Or make holes in the ceiling from below? then inject insulation like in an attic? Is that efficient?
What materials is the most efficient?
Any advice is welcome.
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