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Some Recommendations if you would be so kind

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As of yesterday I was the blind squirrel finding the nut and stumbled into some very long term finish work in apartment complexes/condos and the like. Its repetitious, but the money is there definately in ease and fast turnover, and with Wisconsin weather as it is...this is a great deal.

Of course now that I line this up, starting tomorrow morning, I am suspecting my partner is about to screw me and bail. He has been fairly unreliable as of late, so I kinda saw it coming, but thats another issue.

Problem is, when he goes, so do his end of the tools. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to prepare for this real contingency and dont have backups of my own so I hafta whip out the Visa and shop fast. Whatever Im going to get, I want it to last cuz I will be on these jobs for a REALLY long time.

With him goes his compound miter saw and table saw, so I need to purchase replacements quick.

His miter saw is a Milwaukee 10", no-slider and it always worked great and I was plenty happy with it. I've done some looking around at the big box places to see whats out there and prices and such. I know big box places arent the best source but I need it fast and cant take a huge gouge at the moment. I see all the new funky "make a homeowner go OOOOHHH" ones with the lazers and crap. Are they even worth a ********************? Should I just get another Milwaukee? What do you guys think?

His table saw is a Craftsman, he picked it up at Sears on sale for $100 a while back and believe it or not after using it on several jobs, its actually a really nice saw. I've used the Makita prior to that and didnt mind that one either. Should I get something more serious like Milwaukee, PC, Dewalt, etc instead?

If today goes with him as I think its going to, I need to shop quick.
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Thats the reason I've never taken a partner, besides my Judy that is. Seems like I've heard a lot of horror stories over the years, fella's about to go at it and $hit, not for me, I don't handle confrontations well.

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