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Some pics

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I had a few spare moments in between doing "stuff" pricing, accounting, officework, sitework, meetings, answering questions, putting out fires, answering the phone, looking at resumes, invoicing, submittals, actualy laying bricks & stone! etc etc. Yeah being the boss sure is great huh! so I thought I'd share a few pics , most are before's for pricing & sitework To mods if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it. Thanks

Our newest addition it replaces an aging VR50 .The operator in the pic is happy cos he thinks I got it for him

One of the buildings that we have to repair, the arches and brick above most of the windows have to be rebuilt I'l try to get an after pic of the 1st set of windows

another of the same bldg

We have to replace the bottom 5 course of brickwork on this church and replace with granite and a limestone coping

A couple of the guys doing repairs on the limestone & stonework on another church
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Right timelines, wrong country, The ist "gen" were English & Scottish stonemasons & bricklayers
Do you do new or is it just restoration? The jobs look great from a restoration point of view, or a work of any kind of view! Just wonderin what else you and your crew do.

We do restoration, repair, commercial, residential, brick, block, stone, glassblock, we are starting a custom home this week with 32,000 norman sized manganese smooth from Endicot brick in NY (they finally got the kiln running again) with 1,000 + sq ft of limestone 2 chimneys & a pizza oven. Another after that with 2,700 sq ft of Arriscraft stone, We built a water treatment plant @ the beginning of the year with architectural block & 8" & 10" block backup, a lot of historical restoration work from the RMC in Kingston Ontario to downtown T.O, plus a pile of other stuff I cant think of right now.
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