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Just now I took a walk to the local sandwich shop for my lunch and some fresh air (paper work today :( ) Anyways... I paid for my sandwich and am walking out. As I am walking out someone starts to walk in. He had his head down so I said excuse me and he took a step to the side and said excuse me back... Just as the door was closing I hear him say "F_cking A_shole".

I wasn't sure if I heard him right, so I turned around and through the glass he is looking hard over his shoulder then flips me off when he notices me looking back. I mouthed some words back to him and started to turn until I saw him charge out the door.

I'm not the kind of guy to back, down and I don't know what this guys problem was but I wasn't going to let him take it out on me.

To make a long story short a window washer working next door saved this guy from a beating. I really didn't want to fight but this guy was realy nervous and jumpy. For sure if the window washer wasn't there we'd have traded blows. The window washer kinda got infront of the guy and I walked away while he was yelling some crap. LOL if I was 18 he'd be laying there holding his busted nose before 3 words even got spoke... and I wouldn't have said excuse me in the first place!

All this because I was being polite and said excuse me. Is it a full moon?

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Well, ever since I have had children, I have had to change the way I react to people who have these kind of stupid attitudes.
Don't get me wrong, it sounds like this dude needs a beating to put him in his place so he will calm it up, I just cannot be the person to do that anymore.
I had to learn how to do this, here are some pointers that may help.

First, know that his day is coming probably sooner than you think, and someone else can take their anger out on this guy, and you can just continue on your way and not worry about it.
Also, you can imagine that people have some pretty harsh days, such as learning their parents died, or was ripped off for 10,000 in tools, or they may have ran into someone with a bad attitude and they are just continuing the assinine behavior, or perhaps they just learned their home was broken into....whatever....
If you just give these people an excuse it can make it easier, and you KNOW that their day is coming anyway so why bother?
I usually do this while driving. People up here have NO respect behind the wheel, and alot of them are itching to start a fight. There was a day I would take em on, now those days are over, and I must invent ways to cope, because I still feel the same way as when I was younger.
For instance, I was sitting pole position with this dude in a truck. And the lanes merged past the light, so I gunned it to get ahead of his stinky old truck so I would not smell the fumes. He did not like that, so he went onto the shoulder, flipped me off as he kicked dust up on my truck, and slammed on his breaks everynow and then to see if I would slam into him. Well I noticed a sticker that told me he was a Vet, so I thought "this dude has been thru some crap probably" so I pulled along side him, waved and smiled, rolled down the window, and pulled out my little flag I like to keep around and waved it out my window with a big smile on my face.
He didn't like that at all because he wanted me to keep playin the game, but I refused. He was gone seconds later, and I continued to have a great day knowing I showed my support for a Vet who risked his life for me. It just so turns out he is an A** that's all.

I like doing things the way I do better, I no longer waste half my day thinking badly about these kind of situations, and my days are much much nicer.

hope this helps. A** H***** will always be around to taunt you. And the only thing you have COMPLETE control of is your feeling and reactions. Don't take it personaly, they may have just had a bad day, and they are out to have you join them. A** H***** hate being alone.
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