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I've got a flat roof area at the peak of a structure.

It's 62" east to west and 14'8" north to south.

Running north to south on both sides is a double 2x12 bolted togeather.

The joists that span the 62" are 2x6 16OC with 3/4 ply on top.

Leaning against from the east and west are the plumb cuts of 12' 2x8 rafters with 1/2 OSB on top, Then conventional roofing.

You can view from the south west at
under pictures then Sanders Exterior

Now my question is, does this frame support 100lbs SF live load?

Due to the additional weight of the conventional lean to frame as well as calculating any counter ballance from the leaning plumb cuts......Kinda makes the math a little tricky.

Any comments?

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